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Correctly Understanding What You Own

Almost everyone is fond of beautiful, well-preserved, antique coins — they make us nostalgic, they make us consider our history, and they make us appreciate the efforts of those who came before us.  However, most of us really don’t know or understand much about numismatics.

And that’s appropriate.  Proper care for an extensive collection can consume hours upon hours of grading, cataloging, preservation & so forth — done well, it’s difficult to do.

A free consultation with Richard can help you understand where the real values in your collection reside.  He’ll advise you on how to care for different materials, sources of information (if you’re interested), and what you can expect in today’s marketplace when it comes to valuations.


Discrete, Personal Service

If you find yourself in possession of something that had been treasured by someone you love, the last thing you want is to get hustled.  So spare yourself the flashing signs that read: “We buy Gold and $ilver!”

Instead, seek an appraisal of your collection from a trusted consultant who has a broad range of experience with:

Numismatic Rarities
Gold & Silver
Foreign Coins
Mint Errors
Dealer, Auction & Ebay Valuations

Initial consultations are completely free, and Richard will be happy to visit you at the location of your choice.  Just call 252-725-0246!

Top Dollar For Your Collection

If maintaining a collection isn’t for you, or if your interests are better served by converting your collection to ready cash, Richard is happy to make you a full price offer for all or any part of it.

The situation is straightforward:  the guy simply loves coins, and he invests in them for the long term.  So he has a vested interest in taking a look at everything out there.

EverythingAnd this is explains why consulting with Richard is free: First, he often winds up making purchases that would otherwise be subject to a dealer’s markup (sometimes more than 50%); for this privilege he’s happy to pay somewhat more than dealer cost (the low figure a dealer would offer you for the collection).  Second, as a true aficionado, Richard truly enjoys meeting collectors, seeing different collections, and sharing the benefit of his experience with others.

No collection is too large or small for Richard, and if you choose to deal with him, you’ll know that you’ve gotten the absolute best value possible.